The Book

An introduction to Writing What We Like: A new generation speaks

Once upon a time, I met an amazing editor called Annie Olivier who convinced me that all my online scribbling could glow up into a full book.
Like a lot of other spectacular achievements in life it turned out I could do it with a little help from my friends. And a few other collaborators.

Fast forward to May 2016, 23 contributors later and Writing What We Like: A New Generation Speaks was brought into the world.

It was critically acclaimed and selected for Exclusive Books HomeBru 2016 which is a showcase of the best local books that year. It was my first book and opened so many doors for me.

This space is to share that journey with you. I’m going to write about, launches, engaging with amazing book clubs. The book festivals, meeting authors I looked up to for so many years in person. Keep an eye on this tab because all will be revealed soon.

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