An intimate evening with Jimmy Nevis and Bisquit cognac

I remember the first time I ever saw Jimmy Nevis live. It was one of those moments that only happen in Cape Town where a house was converted into a music venue by Studio 7 Sessions. We were in somebody’s lounge and he was crooning his heart out. The person I brought as my plus one turned to me and said ” this guy is going to be a big pop star”. I should have asked her for Lotto numbers because it turned out she was on the money. Years passed and his career soared. I went to a few more of his album launches and interviewed him in my past capacity as the editor of an award-winning online entertainment magazine.

Fast forward to the present and your boy is still doing it way big. I got invited by the lovely folks at French cognac house Bisquit to attend the launch of his physical album Chimera. I am always happy to support upward growth and when they revealed the venue I was definitely with it. So one Friday night not too long ago I found myself in the lobby of the One and Only Hotel. While we waited for the main event we were entertained by Acoustic Element who definitely set the mood right.

Shortly thereafter the brand ambassador Xolisa Rodgers came over to welcome us and explain the custom made cocktail for the evening called “A night with Jimmy”. In the interest of loving myself I have decided never to date Xhosa men again. But if I hadn’t the sight of him in a perfectly tailored suit, dark skin and that connecting beard would have made me thirsty for more than fine cognac.


The man of the hour arrived and gave a heartfelt speech. Jimmy shared his musical journey thus far. Then got really personal about how this album had changed so much about him from his closest relationships to the way he funded his music. Naturally we were treated to a new song and it was everything you want your grown pop hero to be; smart, mature, relatable and very ready for ALL THE DIGITAL STREAMS.  With that we went downstairs to be treated to a three course meal at award winning Reuben Riffel’s restaurant. If you have known me for longer than than five minutes you know food is my true passion. For starers I chose cured duck breast with pickled baby beets and radish and truffle dressing. It was paired with Bisquit VS Cognac.

The mains gave me real indecision as I was torn between two perfectly amazing dishes but in the end I chose the lamb shank.  I don’t often have menu regret because I always make the person dining with me choose my second best dish. In this instance Shelley definitely lucked out because her salmon transported me into raptures in the first bite. Accompanied by a perfect Asian broth that I still dream about. This was served with Bisquit VSOP cognac.

Dessert time: I’m a person who lost their sweet tooth around the same time other kids stopped believing in Santa. However as an adult who has seen the inside of many restaurants I’m always ready to give my palate over to a chef who knows what they are doing. Wooooooooooooooo, when I tell you the banana malva pudding with honeycomb changed my life I want you to believe that. In further proof that my ancestors want me to have a lavish life the Bisquit XO cognac served with this turned out to be my favourite.

As the host Jimmy was kind enough to spend the evening moving around the table and sharing personal time with us. It felt more like a conversation among friends than a conventional album launch.  After some final words and a parting gift for the host the evening was over. Follow Bisquit on Instagram @bisquitafrica to see more of the fabulous things they do.

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