A selective look at the Emmy 2018 red carpet fashion

If there was any justice in this world this site would be earning endless amounts of money and I could pay Refilwe Moloto the vast coins she deserves to write thrilling red carpet commentary. But we are here now so you are going to put up with my fashion police learnings about some looks at the Emmy awards this year. Not all of them obviously because a lot of people were there.


First up is a fave Regina King wearing yellow, a colour I’ve been thinking I should try more of. The dress is by Christian Siriano and while it shows off her toned arms beautifully it does feel like a safe choice.

Fave TV grandma Jenifer Lewis and poster of hilarious Instagram videos was very casual in Nike saying it was to show support for Colin Kaepernick . Seeing this is a red carpet I feel like she could have asked Virgil Abloh to use the same magic he used to dress Serena Williams to make her look camera ready.

Hey Molly!!!! I’m not a fan of velvet but Yvonne Orji in Georges Chakra makes it look good here.

Its about a thousand degrees in LA so I think Angela Sarafyan deserves a prize just for wearing this creation. I’ve never met a shiny garment I didn’t like so I’m here for this.

E! Entertainment which is my go to for red carpets has a long history of presenters inserting themselves into the award show build up. It started with that one who got cancelled after commenting that Zendaya’s dreadlocks on the Oscar red carpet made her look like she smelt of patchouli oil and weed. Without further comment I present Zuri Hall.

Padma Lakshmi did something unusual by wearing this J Mendel gown again after she first showcased it at a Vogue India function last year.

Blessed be the fruit. In 2018 there is a long precedent of women slaying the carpet while pregnant so I’m not sure why Yvonne Strahovski did not get the memo. I am confused by the excess fabric around the boobies.

I am here to retract my earlier statement about liking all shiny garments. Firstly I want to state that I love Issa Rae and am here for her upward trajectory. Having said that I like pant suits. I like dresses. I’m even here for capes. But what I cannot abide is the unholy love child when they are combined. A hard no from me.

Another fave from the show that people are always so proud to proclaim they have never watched. I’m here for this because I feel like the belt might be a low key homage to the medieval fashion on Game of Thrones. Nice work Gwendoline Christie

Leslie Jones claims she had fun designing this look with Christian Siriano and she does look happy so I’m going to keep it moving.

This is the person who “joked” that she would still like to work with Bill Cosby after he was revealed as a sexual predator. Her problematic opinions and this dress both belong in the trash.

I stan hard for Tracee Ellis Ross and I follow her on Insta so I am aware of how fashion forward she is. I’m not a fan of this Valentino look but I also recognize that its very her.

My love for Sandra Oh was ignited by the brilliant series Killing Eve. I love this dress which looks so much better on TV where the vibrant red is displayed so beautifully.

The Mother of Dragons Emilia Clarke. I’m ambivalent about this look. I feel like she’s still trying to find her style so I’m not going to throw too much shade here. Especially since I’m still not sure what that Whitewalker dragon gon do next season.

An unproblematic fave in sequins. Loving Samira Wiley in this gold look.

Another gorgeous dress that didn’t get it’s full moment here. But please believe me when I tell you that this gorgeous jeweled confection Zazie Beetz wore looked more burgundy than you see here.

PSA I’m sure you’re asking where were the men? Shem they did attend but I refused to feature any of them as they were all wearing BBT(Boring Black Tuxes) If you feel I missed any of your faves please holler in the comments and I will rectify it soonest.


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