The fictional bad boys on TV worth swooning over

Years ago some wit claimed that women like bad boys. I sincerely hope that person found their true calling as a writer of irrelevant bumper stickers. Because real women crave communicative, affectionate, caring, romantic partners with really big…………

bank accounts. That’s in real life. When our minds switch off and we are glued to the small screen all bets are off. The allure of fictional characters is even more magnified because we can dismiss them with the flick of a remote button. Let me present the men on television that I would totally risk it all for even though they will never meet my family.

Cornel Stokes

Don’t call him Cottonmouth unless you want to get choked. Actually if that’s your thing then please do. He is without a doubt A Very Bad Man. You only need to watch one episode of Luke Cage to know this. But I’m willing to overlook alla that because not only does he wear the hell out of a suit but he’s also an accomplished musician. Did I mention that he owns a nightclub? Automatic VIP and bottomless bubbly, sign me up.

Raymond Reddington

A suave, cultured, witty globetrotter who owns a private jet? I’m weak at the knees already. We are on season 5 of The Blacklist and my crush rages unabated. Other than the omnipresent hat and killer one liners I’m a fan of his devil may care attitude. Long live the concierge of crime.

Lucifer Morningstar

Speaking of the devil, the ridiculously good looking leading man of Lucifer can get it. Yet another baddie in tailored suits who moonlights as a special advisor to the LAPD when not leading a life of debauchery. I am here for all of this. Lucifer is adorable because of how playful he remains even in the midst of all the chaos he creates.


I’m giving my age away here but here we are. Before this pap reboot currently happening the original Charmed saw the Halliwell sisters fighting off various supernatural entities to save mankind. In season seven he was the villain. And I was completely under his spell.

Eric Northman

This viking vampire’s wardrobe choices on True Blood were sketchy especially his velour tracksuit wearing stage. Thankfully this was balanced out with plenty of gratuitous nudity. And he reads, we stan a literary immortal.

Hannibal Lecter

I was really trying to branch out with this article but it only proves that even in fiction a well cut suit makes me weak at the knees. As I sigh into my chenin blanc may I present the last of the imaginary men I’m willing to throw the box at. I loved the Hannibal Lecter books so the TV series Hannibal just makes him look even more delectable. Chances are he will eat you but there are worse ways to go.

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