Seven colours gets a reboot at 4 Roomed Ekasi

I’ve been wanting to eat at this restaurant since last year so when the women’s reading group I was a part of decided to have their year end function there I was delighted. I have been crying so loud about how this city that is the capital cuisine of the country has no local restaurants. Also throwing coins at black women is one of my favourite hobbies so I was READY!

Owner Abigail Mbalo-Mokoena gave up a career as a dental hygienist after being inspired by a stint on Masterchef to open the restaurant. She wanted to get back to a simpler way of cooking with vegetables from the garden.


There is a bathtub in the restaurant planted with herbs that is testament to this. Before we ate Abigail chatted about her food journey and some of the challenges she faced along the way.

Then it was on to the good stuff. Steamed bread and salad were served as starters. There was a sliced beef thing that was so so but since everything else tasted delicious I was willing to overlook it. The next tasty thing served was umqa, a mixture of pap and pumpkin.

I was willing to give up my endless war against carbs to have a taste. I had to wait for the second helping as the first one disappeared fast. Then there was creamy samp with coriander and it tasted every bit as delicious it sounds. This was served with a vegetable curry.

I’m a person who loves to eat meat but in this instance I’m willing to admit the chef was really making the pots to happen.

The main was the runner chicken and I managed to nab a few pieces before it vanished. This is an amazing restaurant and I urge all of you to go there. In the interest of full disclosure I also want to tell you that the liquor licence hasn’t gone through yet so bring your own wine like I did.

Have you visited any great local restaurants? Let me know in the comments.


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