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Win a hamper of handmade goodies from HAMSA

Hello beloved readers, I greet you on this day that started as an ancient pagan festival that involved flogging women with raw hides but now revolves around red roses and people posting the cars their baes got them on Twitter. Do not despair I have some good news, I’m giving away a lovely hamper full of products from HAMSA. It contains  coconut and cranberry soap, tea tree and activated charcoal cleansing bar, coconut body lotion and cranberry shampoo massage bar. Will also throw in some strawberry gloss.

I’m going to tell you a story about the last time I had a boo thang on Valentines Day. It was many many many years ago when I was still in varsity. I was dating this rugby player who was fairly good looking but had few other redeeming qualities. I dated him anyway because making poor life choices was one of my hobbies back then. A few days before VD I informed the athlete that I was tired of being the one always arranging all our dates. My reward for this bout of passive aggressiveness was that on the big day we had no plans as he claimed everything was fully booked.  So his back up plan was to come to my place to cook for me. He arrived with a bottle of red wine that tasted like it was used to strip paint. I took a few sips then left him to finish it himself. To end this tragic tale I will say he made something inedble which I couldnt eat so I went to sleep. Was woken up at midnight by one of my housemates to tell me he had vomited then fallen asleep in our lounge. Fun times.

If you would like to win this wonderful prize please share your awful stories about dates gone wrong in the comments below. This is a safe space so go all out.If you feel compelled to like our Facebook page that would be lovely but is not a must. Share away!

Winner announced 1 March 2019

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